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Gamma KnifeŽ stereotatic units deliver a precise dose of radiation to a small volume of tissue within the brain. Used for brain tumors, arteriovenous malformations and brain dysfunctions such as trigeminal neuralgia, the Gamma KnifeŽ offers a non-invasive alternative for many patients for whom traditional brain surgery is not an option. Gamma KnifeŽ surgery removes the physical trauma and the majority of risks associated with conventional surgery. Using preoperative radiological examinations, such as CT scans, MR scans and angiography, a treatment plan is developed to provide highly accurate irradiation of deep-seated targets, using a multitude of collimated beams of ionizing radiation.

In a single treatment session, 201 beams of Cobalt-60 gamma radiation are focused precisely on the lesion. The exposure is brief and only the tissue being treated receives a significant radiation dose, while the surrounding tissues receive a minimal or modest dose.

Leksell Gamma KnifeŽ is a registered trademark of Elekta Instruments, Inc.

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