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Cone Beam CT

This technology gets its name from the cone-shaped beam of X-rays used to collect a complete image. Unlike conventional CT, which takes a series of thin-sliced X-ray images and then stacks them together to create a complete picture, cone beam CT produces a more sophisticated image in less time and with less X-ray exposure. Cone-beam CT is an emerging technology with many advantages over conventional CT scans, such as fast volume coverage speed, efficient use of x-ray power, and sufficient data for exact 3D image reconstruction. Cone-beam CT enhances the role treatment simulation, verification, and planning.

It has the capability of acquiring and reconstructing 3D volumetric data in one gantry rotation. Digital imaging allows the operator to identify the area to be scanned by simply marking the top and bottom margins of the anatomy on the digital image.

The images taken are rapidly reconstructed into a 3D picture using a special computer program. This allows for more precise targeting of the area to be treated because the image is taken when you are in the treatment position just before the actual treatment, enabling the treatment plan to be adjusted for any shift of internal organs.

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