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TomoTherapy is a novel radiation treatment delivery unit. The TomoTherapy Hi·Art System® delivers an intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) treatment, and combines treatment planning, CT image-guided patient positioning, and treatment delivery into one integrated system.

The equipment used for TomoTherapy looks much like a computed tomography (CT) system: the patient lies on a couch that moves continuously through a rotating ring gantry. The gantry houses a linear accelerator, which delivers radiation in the shape of a fan beam as the ring is turning. With the couch moving at the same time the gantry is rotating, the radiation beam makes a spiral (or helical) pattern around the patient, while a computer-controlled MLC with two sets of interlaced leaves modulate the radiation beam targeting tumors with optimal levels of radiation while minimizing the dose to healthy areas. The TomoTherapy Hi·Art Planning Station calculates the appropriate pattern, position, and intensity of the radiation to be delivered.

Much like cone beam CT, a CT unit built into the TomoTherapy Hi·Art System® allows for a CT scan, called a TomoImage ® to be taken just before each treatment to verify the tumor's location and adjust the patient's position, if necessary.

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