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      Medical Physics and Board Certification
Treatment Planning Computer
      Specialized platforms to calculate dosages to patients from linear accelerator treatment machines
Ion Chambers
      Plastic air filled cavities that are used to measure radiation
      Sensitive current measuring devices used in conjunction with ion chambers to measure radiation intensity
3D Drive Water Tanks
      Used to determine the radiation intensity profile of the beam
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
      NIST provides for a standardized method of measuring radiation
Portal Imagers
      Portal images taken at treatment time are compared to X-ray images taken as part of the planning process
      An electronic diode device sometimes used in lieu of ion chambers and film dosimetry
      Small fluorescent materials, chips or powder that are used to measure radiation
Daily Check Devices
      Electronic detectors
Gafchromic FilmTM
      Used instead of conventional film
Film Dosimetry
      Used to measure radiation distributions
      Electrical semiconductors
Solid Water
      Water “equivalent” solid plastic slabs
Calibration Water Tanks
      Determine the calibrated x-ray or electron beam output
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